Volume 1, Number 2, 2016

[Published under continuous publication model]

Rajesh P
Kavalam Narayana Panikkar (1928-2016): A Tribute
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Stacy Shaneyfelt
Beauty and the Beast: An Exploration of the Ugly American Myth and Postcolonial Otherness in Lahiri’s “Interpreter of Maladies”
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Shah Al Mamun Sarkar
Treatment of Sexual Relationship in Indian Society: A Critical Analysis of Raj Kamal Jha’s The Blue Bedspread
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Indranil Acharya
Obituary: Mahasweta Devi (1926-2016)
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Jyoti Saini & Dr. Ila Gupta
Vision of India: A Case Study of the works of Selected Foreign Artists on India (1750- 1850)
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Sabrina Karim & Arpana Awwal
Boundaries within National Borders: A comparative study of Petals of Blood and Banapangshul
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Aayushi Verma & Ila Gupta
The Journey of Elephant as a Decorative Element in Saharanpur Woodcraft: A Cultural Investigation
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Pranita Ranade
Digital Convergence, Design and Revival of Indian Culture
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Volume 1, Number 1, 2016


Issue DOI: 10.21659/bp.v1n1

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P. Mallikarjuna Rao
Nadayoga and the Seven Steps to Liberation: A Reading of Vemana and Tyagaraja
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I.S.V. Manjula Haragopal, N.Jagadamba & I.Syamala Devi
The Divine Feminine: Indigenous Festivals in the North Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh
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Ralla Guha Niyogi
‘May You Be the Mother of a Hundred Sons’: Social and Ethical Impact of Surrogacy in Ancient Indian Myths
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Sujay Thakur
The Kirtan of Resistance and a Divided Bengal: A Study of the Matuya Community
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Visak V. S.
The Sahrdaya’s Space in Kavalam’s Kallurutti
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Somdev Banik
The Origin of Theatre in the Princely State of Tripura
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Indu Pandey
Female Playwrights and The Theatre in India: Challenges and Perspectives
Extract Full Text PDF DOI: 10.21659/bp.v1n1.07
Marcel Ebliylu Nyanchi
In the Name of Religion: Sexuality and Taboo in Salman Rushdie’s Shalimar the Clown
Extract Full Text PDF DOI: 10.21659/bp.v1n1.08
Mandakini Sharma, Ila Gupta & P. N. Jha
Significance of Female Encounters in the Paintings of F. N. Souza
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Andreas Akun & Wiwik Andreani
Microaggression and Diversity: Tracing Indonesian University Students’ Attitudes toward Pluralism through Metaphorical Creative Expressions
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M. Rajagopalachary and K. Damodar Rao
Multiculturalism and the Indian Tradition
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Sonia Ghalian
Being Chhota Bheem in School: Implication for Education
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Kankana Bhowmick
Selfing the Home: Quest for Indigenous Entity, Metaphors of the Self and the Other in A. K. Ramanujan’s Poetry
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