Digital Convergence, Design and Revival of Indian Culture

Pranita Ranade

Symbiosis Institute Design, Symbiosis International University, Pune, India.  Email:

Vol. 1, No. 2, 2016 I Full Text PDF

 Received July 06, 2016; Revised September 10, 2016; Accepted September 10, 2016; Published September 19, 2016


In recent years because of globalization and urbanization, many Indians are migrating from their hometown and living in different parts across the country and the globe in totally cross cultural and ethnically diverse communities. The Cultural heritage of any community is associated with their daily lifestyle and linked to social, environmental and economic processes. Rituals of ‘Sixteen Sacraments of Life’ of Indian Vedic culture are considered as intangible cultural heritage. Focus of this paper is on forging a techno-cultural graphic design application to provide culture-centric visual design using digital technology. This Baby-App will help parents and other members of the family to capture the key moments of childhood and the traditional samskaras for the child and thus document child’s cultural experiences. It will guide young generation of India in cherishing and articulating their child’s memories with cultural ethos. Besides documenting a child’s cultural experiences, this product will also help in safeguarding our cultural heritage. Revival of cultural mores will also provide opportunities for social and economic development of the individual and society.

Keywords: Graphic Design, New Media Design, Digital Design, Social Media, Digital Photography, Indian Culture, Indology