Buchi Emecheta’s Gwendolen and M.K. Indira’s Gajje Pooje: Women and Societies in Polarities

Kalpana Mukunda Iyengar

Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching, University of Texas at San Antonio. Email:

Volume 2, Number 1, 2017 I Full Text PDF

Article DOI:  10.21659/bp.v2n1.03


This article is an attempt to explicate the societies that two women characters in Buch Emecheta’s Gwendolen and M.K.Indira’s Gajje Pooje exist. The authors’ delineation of flexibility or openness of the societies in the novels is also provided. In addition, the societal polarities and their impact on Gwendolen and Chandra are explored. Gendered oppressive practices such as prostitution and sexual abuse are examined and analyzed. The findings indicate that women are demoralized due to (a) sociological pressures and (b) biological determinism.

Keywords: Characterization, flexible, gendered oppression, society, women