“Decoding Visions of Misery” through Rudali of Mahasweta Devi and the Rudalis of Reality

Manjusha CD & Dr. V. Vijayalakshmi

VIT University, Chennai. Email:

  Volume 1, Number 3, 2016 I Full Text PDF

Article DOI:  10.21659/bp.v1n3.s109


Mankind in this world is always found to be filled with plethora of visions and dreams irrespective of their societal status, economic condition and culture and women is not exceptional in this principle. To state, honestly there will not be even a single soul without dreams and visions will not be wrong. Visions and dreams of the person are the persuading factor that leads to achievements through hard work. To simplify, socio economic and cultural perspectives plays an important role in the successful accomplishment of a person’s visions. Through Rudali by Mahasweta Devi, it could be well understood that poverty and cultural creeds acted a hindrance in shattering the visions and as fate decider of women in the particular community and in such a circumstance, it will not be wise to mention that Sanichari would be void of visions. Poverty and the various cultural dogmas worked as a line marker for her to decide about future giving no time to think and proceed. Thus, this research article is a well structured attempt to bring out those ‘would – be’ unexpressed visions of Rudalis in the fiction of Mahasweta Devi and the Rudalis in reality in an unbiased manner bearing the very feminine qualities in having visions and faith of future. Every effort is taken to depict the women in reality that have lots of visions and aspires to achieve the zenith of success but does not expresses these visions because of their socio economic cultural obstacles.

Keywords: Mahasweta Devi and Rudali, Rudalis in reality, visions, socio economic and cultural perspective, fate decider, womanhood, sacrifices and satisfactions.