The Dance Sculptures of Shantinatha Basadi of Jinanathapura

Ramya Suraj & Vasanth Kiran

Alliance University, Department of Performing Arts, Bengaluru, India.


Volume 2, Number 1, 2017 I Full Text PDF

Article DOI:  10.21659/bp.v2n1.04


Many rulers of different dynasties have contributed a lot in the field of art. Their artefacts can be seen in these temples. Dance sculptures are guided by the lines of the body which are seen mostly in Shaivate and Vaishnavite temples. Rarely do we come across to grasp the ornamented dance sculptures in Jina basadis which are meant to be the place to identify about the Tirthankara and Jain philosophical traits. It is a very interesting fact to know about the dance sculptures of Jina Basadis. Here is the exclusive study on The Dance sculptures of Shantinatha Basadi, Jinanathapura.

Keywords: Dance, Basadi, sculpture, History, Jinanathapura